a true-crime serial podcast investigating under-reported and unsolved cases in the Southeast

Episode 5: Q&A

Episode 5: Q&A. There’s  an interview with Micheal Whelan of the Unresolved Podcast, an interview with Alex Trouteaud, Director of Policy and Research for Demand Abolition, an interview with Winter Wheeler, civil attorney , answers from both hosts to viewer questions, including those about the Aiken Jane Doe, and further interview material from Shanta Sturgis, the twins’ sister.  ! If you have more questions, we'll talk about doing a second Q&A episode in the future. Check out the Facebook page and discussion group, as we’re providing listeners with avenues to act in support of the twins and their family.

Video Trailer

We put together some of of field interviews (rough recording) into a short trailer. The "coming soon" should be up on ITunes and other apps in the next two days, withfull episode out in the second week of June. 


Street view credit to Google Maps. Accoustic guitar credit Abett CC by 3.0 All other recordings The Fall Line Podcast -- all other photos in the public domain or courtesy the family of the missing.


We've moved the schedule up, and are looking at a first episode release-date of early June. We'd originally planned to release all the episodes at once, but information continues to come in, and we want to give community members as much time as possible to participate via recollections, stories, memories of the twins, etc.