The Fall Line

a true-crime serial podcast investigating under-reported and unsolved cases in the Southeast

In August 2019, The Fall Line released four episodes devoted to the disappearance of Shy’Kemmia Pate.

Shy’Kemmia was excited to spend Labor Day Weekend of 1998 with her family — starting with attendance at the first high-school football game of the season. In their tiny town of Unadilla, Georgia, that was a big event.  But she never made it there.

That Friday afternoon, Shy’Kemmia stepped off her front porch and onto the sidewalks of the street she’d lived on all her life. And that’s the last time anyone saw her: vanished right off her own street.

With extensive interviews from Shy’Kemmia’s family, friends, the local sheriff’s department, and the Georgia Department of Investigations, season 5 of The Fall Line aims to put Shy’Kemmia’s case where it always should have been: in the public consciousness. 

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