The Fall Line

a true-crime serial podcast investigating under-reported and unsolved cases in the Southeast

Season 3 of The Fall Line premiered in November of 2018. Over six episodes, the show tackled a series of infant abductions--seven in all--that occurred at or in relation to Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta, GA.

The cases, stretching from 1978 until 1996, had never been covered as a whole — and in fact, several had been forgotten completely.

With focus on issues including housing, poverty, lack of media interest, and the importance of immediate police involvement, the season tells the story of each baby who was kidnapped — and explores the motivations of those who took them. Two of those infants, Tavish Sutton and Raymond Green, remain missing to this day.

Raymond’s Mother, Donna Green, plays a large role in the series and her story must be heard to be believed. A tireless advocate, Donna has devoted her life (and her amazing creativity) to raising the profiles of missing children. Interwoven with a close look at Atlanta, GA in all its incarnations, the stories of “the Grady babies” explore the vulnerability of mothers and babies, the psychology of abductors, and the social issues that made these kidnappings possible.

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