The Fall Line

a true-crime serial podcast investigating under-reported and unsolved cases in the Southeast

The Charley Project

The Charley Project features profiles for over 9000 missing persons and cold cases, and includes the twins in its listings.

The Doe Network

The Doe Network helps match up missing persons reports with unidentified persons from every region. The twins are included in its missing-persons archive.

 Black and Missing

The Black and Missing Foundation works in conjunction with other nonprofits to publicize the underreported missing-persons cases of African Americans.


Check out the excellent podcasts The Trail Went Cold and Thin Air, both of which featured the twins in an episode.

Also, Michael at the excellent The Unresolved Podcast is a friend of the show, and we plan on a crossover episode--as Georgia podcasters, we think it's wise to work together and draw as much attention to the case as we can.

Podcasts Already Gone and The Vanished offer in-depth and insightful coverage of cold and missing-persons cases (and in the case of AG, some solved ones!).

Impact Statement focuses on the affect crimes have on families--before, during, and after. 


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