The Fall Line

a true-crime serial podcast investigating under-reported and unsolved cases in the Southeast


The show

The hosts live and work in Atlanta, GA. Our goal is to amplify the missing-persons cases of marginalized communities in the Southeast.

Research Assistant: Brandy C. Williams

Research Assistant: Haley Gray

Music, all seasons: RJR

Mixing, Mastering, and Production: Encompass Podcast Studios

As of Season 2, we work with colleagues and content advisors who identify as members of communities we cover and are knowledgeable in various subjects (e.g., Latinx Studies or trans activism) we discuss in the podcast; these advisors review our material before release. When advisors wish to be named, you can find their credits here and on each episode's notes.

Content advisement Grady Babies: Brandy C. Williams

If you are interested in supporting our research, you can visit our page at Patreon. Season one was purposefully entirely self-funded; to continue and expand our field research, we will appreciatively accept listener donation and support for future seasons

Email us at or contact us at our voiceline, (404) 590-2975

For professional concerns or opportunities, please reach out to our agent Oren Rosenbaum at United Talent Agency.

Front page image courtesy of Davecito, CC by 2.0